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What are you looking for?


Welcome to Hansen Event Agency!

Meetings between people spark magic – and results! Hansen makes that possible. We arrange impactful events and experiences, in Sweden and around the world.

From large-scale to smaller and tailor-made

We create meetings that strengthen relationships, messages and brands. Events that inspire, tell a story and bring your audience closer together.

Over the years, we have arranged thousands of events, conferences and trips, in all shapes and sizes and across the world. This has made us one of Sweden’s leading, most experienced event agencies. A position we are proud of.

What we do

Whether you want to promote something, bring clients and colleagues together (live or digital) or throw a fabulous party, we will come up with the perfect concept, place and setup. Tailored entirely to your needs and wishes. We have been doing so since 1989. Down to the smallest details!

Contact us to arrange a meeting!

Address: Första Långgatan 3, 413 03 Gothenburg

Niclas Möller
Phone: +46 70 860 82 82