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Marketing Material

Together we are building a strong image of Gothenburg

This page provides information and material about Gothenburg, to help destination stakeholders to market the city in different contexts. Sweden and Gothenburg are relatively unknown destinations from an international viewpoint. This makes it important to join forces and reach out with as strong an image as possible. We have put together a selection of toolboxes to make it easier for you to get involved in marketing and talking about our city from different destination perspectives. For copyright reasons the toolbox Events and destination campaigns is password-protected.

Please make use of our toolboxes, share our campaigns or use our material for inspiration when you create your own content.

Hopefully you already have the most important tool of all – a love of the city.

Our destination logotype comes in two variants. One for the Nordic markets as well as Germany and one for the…

Free pictures of Gothenburg for editorial use. The media bank contains hundreds of images, free to use for editorial purposes.…

Find more marketing material via our image bank.

This is where you can find material for destination campaigns and larger events. The toolbox contains logos, images, videos and…